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Henna / Mehndi

                Henna is the name of a plant used to make a paste which dyes the skin temporarily which grows in India, Pakistan, South Asia, Middle East, and Africa. The henna plant is used for healing, to bestow blessings, for protection, and most of all, for celebrating special occasions such as Weddings, New Years, Anniversaries, Eid, Birthdays, special occasions, and many other holidays.

The paste made from the dried leaves of the henna plant is called Mehndi in Urdu language. The past is mixed with different herbs and oils, lemon juice, water, and sugar to help release color when applied and left on the skin for several hours.

                As a Henna Artist, I apply organic henna as a way of offering therapy/healing/relaxation through loving touch and design application. The use of sacred geometry in the application of Henna can further amplify personal healing for the wearer due to the high frequency vibrations of the shapes created, specified towards chakra healing and balancing, grounding, and body presence.

               Henna can help through big life transitions and changes. It relieves depression and sorrow.

Cymatics is the science of how sound informs matter [the shape of sound]. Cymatic Healing uses sacred geometrical shapes to bring harmony, grounding, and healing to the body. Each of the 5 platonic forms represent the 5 elements earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.

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